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What is HADOM?

HADOM is a patented mobile application that lets people who can’t be at the bar buy drinks for those who are. It’s a unique app based on geolocation. When bar-goers enter a participating bar, their absent friends can use the HADOM app to buy a drink for them from anywhere.

The app will also appeal to bar owners who are willing to incorporate new technology that increases their sales and customer engagement.

Founded by bar enthusiasts who never want to miss out on the fun, HADOM will keep friends connected even when they can't be together.


HADOM founders

Chief Executive Officer

Glenn Herdling

HADOM was the brainchild of Glenn Herdling, who worked in the mobile application business at Verizon Wireless. Prior to that, Glenn held various marketing and creative positions in the healthcare and financial sector as well as at Marvel Comics. 

A bar patron for 30 years, Glenn has an in-depth knowledge of the needs of bar-goers.

It was apparent to him that an unserved market need existed for the HADOM app. While he has never run a mobile application himself, he was responsible for the development of various mobile services, products, and mobile applications including Verizon’s LG children’s devices and the launch of its 5G network. As such, Glenn has a well-rounded knowledge of the business, including the operations side (e.g., running day-to-day operations) and the business management side (e.g., staffing, marketing, etc.). 


Chief Creative Officer

Brian Dusman

Brian has over 25 solid years of creative design and user experience. Coming from a background of traditional and digital art and design, along with a degree in Computer Science, Brian has had many successful years as a Creative Director with several top Fortune 500 companies.


During the day Brian currently maps out the experience and designs for mobile applications and smart watches. He has an amazing eye for detail and knows how to convey the right message to consumers through the art of simplistic design. Brian was key in defining the HADOM brand and design, and creating the user experience for consumers and businesses for mobile, tablet and desktop. 


Chief Product Officer

Neha Mohta

Neha has had a corporate career spanning over 12 years in multiple roles including marketing, finance, and operations. She has been fortunate to work with large multi-national companies like The Linde Group (Calcutta, India) and Western Union (Colorado, USA) in global roles working with teams all over the world. She has led projects in multiple countries, such as Thailand, Romania, and Democratic Republic of Congo. She brings a very pragmatic outlook to everything she does and strongly believes in execution. Neha also co-founded PurpleSlate where she strived to create a delightful user experience with the help of text-based technology for people who want to get together in the real world. She is well connected in the local startup community in Denver and consults with various local startups. 


Chief Technology Officer

Ravi Bhalotia

Ravi is a seasoned technology executive with over 15 years of experience in implementing mobile/web technologies, working with large corporations as well as multiple startups. He has been associated with two startups and co-founded two other startups and has had one successful exit. One of his startups was Sweet Relish, where he launched a mobile platform that sourced coupons from majo r brands such as General Mills, P&G and distributed them through a REST-based API to mobile app developers with a goal to convert paper grocery coupons into a digital platform with traceable KPIs. Recently he co-founded PurpleSlate, a mobile app that sends event invites and collects RSVP via text messages in seconds. He played a critical role in transforming the product based on user feedback. He is also an advisor/consultant to multiple local startups in Denver, CO. 


Chief Financial Officer

Ernest Villany

For over thirty years, Ernie has worked with hundreds of individuals and small to medium-sized businesses. He has formed countless rewarding business relationships locally and globally and has helped various start-up clients grow and succeed.

HADOM history

On March 9, 2019, Glenn Herdling was skiing with his two sons when he hit a patch of ice and landed on his shoulder . . . hard. He knew that he had dislocated it, but he skied the rest of the way down the mountain and walked into the first aid office. The professionals there popped his shoulder back into place and strongly suggested that he go to the hospital.


But Glenn didn’t want to ruin the ski trip for his boys, so he sent them back out onto the slopes and nursed his wounds at the bar in the lodge. He posted his predicament on social media and asked, “What would you do?” Most of his friends and contacts applauded his decision to remain in the bar. One of his friends remarked, “I’m having a drink for you.” 


Glenn was about to reply in jest, “Why not send a drink to me?” when he was struck with inspiration. Does such a system exist? 


After surveying publishers of mobile applications, bar-goers, bar owners, bartenders, and sommeliers, Glenn determined that an app with this capability does not exist. So, he established Hadom Enterprises and went straight to work on creating one. The rest, as they say, is history.

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